Partnered with educators, we bring the art of digital storytelling to instruction.

IN THE TELLING is a Software as a Service company helping educators deliver Flipped Instruction. Our Telling STORY platform and Creative Services transform lectures into documentaries, and instructors into producers.

TELLING Story Platform

“Using the platform provided by IN THE TELLING, we will be linking to blog posts, news articles, and other resources around the web in the specific context of particular moments in the videos. If a viewer finds a point being made in the discussion to be particularly interesting and wants to learn more, then more will be only one click away. ”
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Michael Feldstein
Founder of e-Literate and independent e-learning consultant
MindWires Consulting, e-Literate

“My topic today is IN THE TELLING, a unique new entrant on the ed-tech landscape that’s offering “flipped classroom as a service.” I’m impressed enough with their prospects to have made a personal investment in the company and have joined their board of directors.”
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Ray Henderson
Education technology entrepreneur
Blackboard, IN THE TELLING, Inc., IMS Global